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Band Story

From the Old Main Bridge in Würzburg to all of Germany - as the live band Puente Latino was born


The band name "Puente Latino"


Translated from Spanish, Puente Latino means

Puente = bridge

Latin = Latin

The band name symbolizes the building of bridge between the Latin American culture and the adopted home of the band members: Germany, but also the listeners of the band. With their music, the musicians want to build a connection to their audience, grow it into a community and experience the exotic rhythms and lively culture of latin America and the caribbean.

But the real story is much better, read below the life event that led to the creation of Puente Latino.


On a sunny afternoon in spring 2015, Álvaro was walking across the Old Main Bridge in Würzburg when he passed Thomas, who was taking a break from making music. Without further ado they got into conversation.
Just as spontaneously as they met, they decided to make music together. No sooner said than done: And so they played "Bailando" by Enrique Iglesias in the middle of Würzburg's Old Main Bridge. Passers-by, who only wanted to walk from one side of the Main to the other, stopped. Moved by the Latin American joie de vivre and the rousing sounds of the two with guitar and singing, the Old Main Bridge spontaneously became a dance floor. Still quite surprised by the effect they created, the duo played a few more songs for their audience. After this experience it was clear to them that a wonderful connection had been created here and they formed the band Puente Latino.

Start into an eventful future:

From our origin, to family, to music




Puente Latino Orquesta:

10 musicians from 5 countries


The passionate live band has grown rapidly and has made a name of themselves not only in Würzburg. Meanwhile, the event band is successfully playing Germany wide - from birthdays to weddings and company parties to big festivals and galas.

In November 2016, the ten-member line up PUENTE LATINO ORQUESTA celebrated its debut in the Congress Center Würzburg. The line up includes cuban talents such as Carlos Remis or Grammy-nominated exceptional trumpet player Oslen Ceballo.

"The band can be recommended to every event that is looking for summery rhythms, holiday mood and latino beats"


Ralf Duggen, U&D Festival Würzburg, 2017

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Possible band line-ups from Duo/Trio to Orquesta, general information, references

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