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Band for concerts, festivals and galas

The live band Puente Latino for amazingc big events!


Puente Latino:

Captivating concerts with music & rhythm going straight to your feet


 stage, a band, hundreds of dancing people - the indescribable feeling of freedom and aliveness is in the air. The energy emanating from the live band Puente Latino leaves no feet standing still. Because with the Latin American rhythms and the authentic joy of their performance, the live band captivates the audience and takes them on a journey full of passion, emotion and joie de vivre.

Puente Latino is a passionate Latin band who inspire both organizers and the audience with professionalism and experience. The crowd-engaging mix creates an atmosphere of Caribbean flair that goes straight into the feet - whether open air or with a roof over your head.

Band-Line Up for Live concerts & festivals

For extensive events such as concerts or festivals, the large cast of Puente Latino ideal. The septet of the event band is suitable for about 200 people. For a larger audience, the Puente Latino Orquesta is also an absolute guarantee of the mood. The ten-member cast neatly festivals and concerts of all kinds.

Book now Puente Latino as a professional latin band for concerts and festivals!

For all kinds of galas, the live band Puente Latino offers a wide range of music. The event band is able to flexibly vary between Latin music, danceable classics and more quiet gala music, depending on your wishes, occasion and program. As an experienced gala band, Puente Latino gives great importance to excellent sound quality and impresses with its professionalism.

Band-Line Up for Galas

In order to meet the size of a gala event, especially the large 10 piece line up of Puente Latino are recommended. The septet is suitable for 200 Gala guests. For special occasions and larger Galas, the ten piece Puente Latino Orquesta can entertain a wider audience at your event appropriately.

Book Puente Latino as a Gala Band now!

Professional live band for glamourous Galas





"The large cast of Puente Latino was a lot of fun for the people - easily recognizable by the dancing people in front of and beside the stage."


Ralf Duggen, U&D Festival Würzburg, 2017

A live band for all occasions

Puente Latino- also for company events, summer parties, weddings or birthdays!

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