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"Donnerstags in der City" at Ingelheim

"[...] Sebastian-Münster-Platz is already well-stocked for the soundcheck, and already with the first song of the program, dance-loving guests gather in front of the stage, because the mix presented by the band Puente Latino in Ingelheim , goes straight into the legs, a program that also finds fans in all age groups [...] But above all, good spirits are to be sprayed - and the ten musicians, all in white on stage, succeed with their outfits Everybody masters his instrument virtuously, sometimes even in the middle of the concert, the musicians switch instruments, and together there is a captivating and rousing sound experience - driving rhythms, turbulent brass solos - already acknowledged by the audience with applause. "

Sören Heim, Allgemeine Zeitung, 2018

Company gala Jochen Schweizer & mydays

" Puente Latino made our “Tropical Christmas Party "a complete success and fit in perfectly with our motto! All the guests were absolutely thrilled and the atmosphere was unique.

Very professional and friendly communication in advance, smooth running and great performance throughout the evening.

The band is highly recommended for any event that is looking for summery rhythms, holiday feeling and Latino beats. Thank you Puente Latino for the great cooperation. It was a pleasure and we will have a second time for sure!"

Marketingmanager, Jochen Schweizer / mydays GmbH, 2018



Garden party mit Puente Latino

"Puente Latino completed our wedding party perfectly in our garden and after seeing some videos on their homepage, I knew we needed them for" our most beautiful day of our lives "and they fulfilled our wish. Loosely fluffy, they play their salsa numbers and self-interpretations of various hits and evergreens. The spark flew over immediately and large parts of the wedding party were dancing, swimming and partying. Thanks a lot! "

Joachim & Dorothea Schulz, Würzburg, 2018

Event highlights

Karibische Nacht

Congress Centrum Würzburg

Nov 2018

Stadtfest Würzburg

Radio Gong- & TV Mainfranken-Bühne Würzburg

Sept 2018

STRAMU Festival


Sept 2018

Donnerstags in der City


Aug 2018

Hafensommer Würzburg


July 2018



May 2018

Fiesta Latina

Staatstheater Meiningen

July 2017

Umsonst und Draußen Festival


June 2017

Streetfood Festival

Weingut Schloss Affaltrach Heilbronn

2016 & 2017

Karibik meets Flamenco

Maritim Hotel / Congress Centrum Würzburg


Afrika Karibik Festival



Latin / Spanish Night

Besitos Würzburg


Stadtfest Würzburg

Posthalle Würzburg


Opener für Alvaro Soler

Radio Gong - Boot Würzburg


Stadtfest Würzburg

Radio Gong-Bühne Würzburg


"When the boys play, no hips stay stiff! You just gotta dance with them."


Radio Gong Würzburg, 2015

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